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Mammals of Guyana

Tropical Rainforests of the Guianan Shield - Google Book Search

Guyana Birding: Birdwatching Tours in South America’s Last Frontier

TROPINATURE.COM (The academic site about tropical biology, scientific publication, distance education and photography)

Tropical Biology Online: International Journal of Tropical Biology and Conservation

Conservation International: Take Off on the Guyana Expedition

Tours Map

YouTube - Guyana Porknocker Gold Digger

Rupununi Learners -

Cara Lodge - Guyana

The University of Manitoba - The Manitoban - April 10, 2002 - Amerindian Activist/Artists visit from Guyana

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Kayak trip Guyana 1999

Fishing Reports: Guyana

Kayak trip Guyana 1998

guyanaconcession_5ffactsheet.pdf (application/pdf Object) - Project Guyana: Conservation thru Ecotourism - 99 - Male - Nappi Village, Rupununi -

SpringerLink - Journal Article

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CSG Newsletter 212 - pp. 12-16

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United Nations Volunteers: Greening our world

National Vegetation Map

Rupununi Learners -


Guyana's President flies in as Britain considers rainforest offer - Independent Online Edition > Climate Change

Guyana Birding: Birdwatching Tours in South America’s Last Frontier

IUCN/SSC Otter Specialist Group Bulletin 17(2)